Sunday, 1 March 2015

Spring seeds...

Woo hoo...been big an brave today and started seed planting, the first of March feels like Spring so seed planting definitely feels like the thing to do! Last year I started too late with the tomatoes so by the time the poor things even thought about getting fruit the bad weather cut them down. I didn't really have anywhere to put them either because we had replaced the decking and Chris  got very tetchy about me putting my vast 'plants in pots' collection anywhere near its shiny newness. So me and the tomatoes sulked in the wrong part of the garden which didn't do any of us any good. This year I'm hoping to plant them at the allotment near what will, fingers crossed, be my asparagus bed. I've read ( I do read a lot..I work in a library for goodness sake) that they make good companion plants, tomatoes scare off some nasties that asparagus suffers from apparently..not sure what asparagus can do for the tomatoes but they like the same sunny sheltered spot so with any luck they will be just good friends:)

Anyway back to my seed planting, I've planted 6 different types of tomato, think it must be a family thing, the love of tomatoes so I'm on a bit of a mission to find the best and I kept getting packets with my gardening magazines. I've also planted 2 different types of wild/alpine strawberries which I've never grown before, some cauliflower and aubergines. I don't have a greenhouse so I'm not too hopeful about the aubergines but they were another packet of seeds I got free with a magazine and I was taught never to waste things and I think  they are quite nice looking plants anyway even if they don't fruit. I might have to sneak them onto the decking when Chris isn't looking...its not quite so new an shiny now after the winter we just had.

 I want to plant the strawberries around the apple trees, another companion planting thing. It's all a bit of an experiment but it can't hurt to try. I just need to make a bit more room on the windowsills for all the other seeds I want to plant now...

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