Monday, 9 March 2015

A school trip...for hens...

Today I took my hens to school. My small boys class is doing a topic on the environment and they have an incubator in the classroom and have been waiting patiently for the eggs to hatch. Eggs waiting to hatch are not very exciting (they will be though!) so when his teacher heard I had hens she asked if we would mind taking ours in to meet the children. I had visions of chasing terrified hens around the classroom pursued by a lot of over excited children like some terrible comedy sketch..cue music!

Of course in reality the children were lovely, sat beautifully and listened perfectly to me talk to them all about Barbara, Betty and Boo. My little hens who had never been out of the garden before let alone in a classroom surrounded by children behaved themselves too, apart from squawking loudly through registration...they were definitely present miss! was almost as if I'd trained them;)

 They even allowed all the children to have a little stroke at the end and didn't peck or poo on anyone!

I'm a bit concerned that I will now be known as hen lady (guess I've been called worst) but it was lovely to share them with the children and hopefully teach them a few things they might not have known before...who knew that hens go bananas for ...bananas?

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