Friday, 6 March 2015

A favorite plot memory...

It has been a difficult to get to my allotment recently when the sky hasn't taken against me the minute I get there (must get that shed!) so I thought I would go back a few months to when the sun shone...September to be precise and remember one of my most favourite allotment days of last year...
 I'm not as enamoured of my birthdays as I once was, I've had far too many of them, we should all stay 21 forever as far as I'm concerned! But last year I went up to the allotment after work as a birthday treat to myself to give my squash plant a talking really wasn't very well (it didn't get any better either sadly). My big boy turned up on his bike with a very large and heavy rucksack on his back. He pulled out of his bag...magician like.. everything he needed to make me my favourite cocktail...a ginger mojito...he knows his mother;) He'd even brought the cocktail shaker, a bag of ice, the lemon squeezer..he'd nearly killed himself, my allotment is up quite a large hill!

   He makes a mean cocktail my big boy! We spent a very lovely evening drinking cocktails on the allotment, helped me to ignore the weeds for a time...they look pretty healthy in this photo I've just realized:).

 I'm hoping this year I will have at least managed to grow the mint to use so he doesn't have to bring that again (that will reduce the weight of his bag!) because of course all I want for my non birthday this year is a mojito on the allotment again...I'm really not hinting...well perhaps a little:)...cheers! x

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