Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fair food...

Oh I love a food fair, sorry a food and produce Indian meal served from an ice cream van?...yes, of course that would be great thank you. A crepe, very French...with an Italian pesto and sun-dried tomato topping with cheese, not quite my thing but it got lovely girl's empty plate seal of approval.

And inside you are met with the cruel smell of chocolate...brownies everywhere you look. Salted caramel and peanut butter seem to be the ingredients you can't avoid at the moment...not that I wanted too:) I am a girl with a tooth practically made of sugar but even I had to run away slightly afraid of the brownie with the Cadbury's creme egg sunk into the top. I didn't notice the cupcakes usurpation...but the brownies were the only cake in town at this food event.

I bought Chris a jar of beetroot, ginger and chilli jam from 'Omemade. It's nearly all gone already, he will say because it was only a small jar...I say because it is/was delicious:) I really hope when I've got the allotment properly up and productive that I can make jams, preserves even half as tasty as what was in that little pot.

It was the venue that I really loved though (the honeycomb brownie was close) The Abbeydale Picture House, is quite simply a uniquely, magical place. It has had years of being unloved, suffered a dodgy roof and it is rough round its edges but somehow it is what gives it its worn charm. I've worked in theatres impressive in their glitz, velvet and gold gilt, done up to within an inch of their candelabras but that have lost something because of it. The Picture House still has that something... something you can't quite put your finger on but if you get a chance I'd recommend a visit to see if you get the same feeling for it...especially if there's a food fair on:) I don't know what the owner has planned for it ultimately, I know there were plans for a climbing venue,  but whatever its reinvention will be I really hope it never involves gold gilded cherubs...

I really wish I'd taken more and better photos but I had small boy in tow freshly (and very beautifully) painted as spiderman, high on chocolate cake. I really couldn't stand still long enough in one place to do the venue or the food justice with my rubbish phone camera..Ha what an excuse!

Ha...Just found their website...much better photos and information of their upcoming events:)

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