Sunday, 7 August 2016

Changes...dreams and schemes...

I have officially finished still hasn't quite sunk in that having worked every day for 12 years at the same place that at the end of the summer holidays I will not be going back...ever. I will never have to do that seemingly endless bus journey again. I have some lovely (garden related) presents and a card full of best wishes for my future from people I've worked with for years so it must be true...I have finished work...gulp.

So now what? 

Well at the moment I'm giving myself some time off, it's been a bit of a tough few months with my very loved step mum passing away and excepting this redundancy all happening at the same time, my brain and body just seem to have gone a bit bleeegghhh on me. I decided to stop being very British about it all and just carrying on, stiff upper lip an all that. No actually that's enough, it's OK to stop, I have given myself permission to just stop and not feel guilty, just for now. 

And  it is the summer holidays after all and small boy is demanding to be entertained. My day starts (early) with, 'well what are we doing today that's a treat for me?'...when did children start to think the world revolves around them...oh yes forever! Money is tight, so we have to be inventive and selfishly enough I try to get as much allotment time in as possible without him working out he's been tricked! Lets make a scarecrow for the allotment...lets build a wildlife pond at the allotment....shall we see who can grow the tallest sunflower? plant a pot of carrots? play Star Wars with the weeds? So far so good, luckily for me he is a boy who needs to be outside and as long as he doesn't get stung by nettles and sees at least 1 frog on our allotment days he manages to last long enough for me to get some jobs done before the real whining starts.

Meanwhile my brain is buzzing with ideas and plans for what is to come. I have dreams of a poly tunnel which I'm planning to use to propagate my own plants  eventually for my little germ of a gardening business idea, as well as finally be able to grow those vegetables that at the moment allude me...aubergines, peppers...poly tunnel dreams.

 But for now all I can hear is small boy bouncing off the walls...must get out of the house! 


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