Monday, 25 July 2016

My poor shed...

And so it has happened as it so sadly happens to many allotment holders at some point...the shed break in. 

My lovely little purple shed, keeper of all plot essentials has been got at with a screwdriver (I'm guessing) and for god sake did it have to be my camping stove!!  The one essential bit of kit...everyone knows how important it is to be able to make tea on an allotment!

I'm not, as you may have guessed, too upset...I've had my home broken into whilst I was asleep in bed and believe me THAT was upsetting! In the grand scheme of things a camping stove is not worth a huge amount of money and is easily replaceable. The sad thing is this burglar didn't just break into my shed but nearly every one on site...and what were they looking for?...well it seems to me like they might just have been hungry. They'd taken my camping stove...they'd opened a large plastic tub which had once had a catering amount of peanut butter in it (don't ask) but were probably gutted to find the picture had it all wrong and it only had very inedible fertiliser in it and from another ladies shed, a packet of biscuits. They must have been hungry... but as I stood looking around me, beans, salad, carrots, courgettes, asparagus, artichokes, strawberries, raspberries, cherries and the struck me that they were also either really dim or really faddy eaters that don't like their fruit and which case what were you doing on a bloody allotment!? 

 I said I wasn't too upset by it and I'm not, stuff is just well stuff, but on the shed wall I have a sign that says on it, 'to you it may only be a shed but to me it's a sanctuary.' The shed and the allotment are just that to me, a sanctuary, a beautiful place to just 'be' and recently I have so needed it! So I just wish that hungry, finicky eating burglar had read, understood and cared about what they were doing....sadly I know that they didn't.  

*Thankfully as you can see in the photo one of my leaving presents from work was that lovely little flask and matching cup so I shall still be able to drink tea!

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