Friday, 5 June 2015

Mole magic...

I had a couple of stolen hours on the allotment last night after work, it was such a beautiful evening and having been stuck indoors all day it was such a relief to be outside rather than just staring at it through the window over the top of a computer screen...

I'd planted a few rows of shallots the other day, I know it was a bit late for them but they were one of those bargains from B&Q (a whole £1!)I couldn't resist and as my onion seed planting this year hasn't quite worked out for me, as in failed completely (such an amateur), I thought I'd risk them. The allotment mole had other ideas though, he doesn't like them at all, at least that's what I understand by the massive mountain he's managed to erupt right in the middle of the rows scattering the shallots all over the place! I'm afraid it just made laugh, he's so random in his appearances that he's never done any real harm (well I could blame him for the demise of the rhubarb but secretly I know that was more down to me) and even if he did I hope I'd be understanding. We are surrounded by golf courses and they are seriously not mole friendly places so where else is he (could be a she I guess) suppose to hide out, and he/she was definitely here before me. I've also read that Sarah Raven goes out with a bucket and collects molehill soil on purpose because it is so good...well my mole makes sure I don't need to worry about the extra work he puts them right where I need them usually in the middle of a bed:)

I'd watched an episode of Monty Don's French Gardens the other day on gourmet gardens and there was a man with an amazing garden that he grew for the café/restaurant he ran, he had put snail shells on the tops of all his canes, it looked quite lovely. I guess if you're a snail it would look more like a scene that Vlad the Impaler would dream of, but as I (luckily...hum) seem to have so many empty snail shells scattered around the allotment I thought I might borrow his idea...sorry snails.

My pea plants are looking quite good with pods already forming on them and lovely white flowers. I'm quite excited about my asparagus pea plants as well, I've never grown or eaten them before but they look really healthy...perhaps whatever is having a bit of a go at my pea plants (leaf miner?) has never seen an asparagus pea either so daren't touch them:)

Must admit I spent most of my time last night just being happy to be there, I was pulling up the bindweed by the bucketful. I swear that stuff grows back as soon as you turn your back, I can imagine it popping up like comedy rabbits defiantly behind you as you go along, laughing down to its roots at your inadequacy.

I took a photo of a massive winged beast that sat watching me battle the bindweed, I noticed it because it had ridiculously huge eyes. I have no idea what it was but it intrigued me, there is so much of this world that we are totally unaware of, creatures and plants that exist without us ever knowing of their presence. In a couple of hours at the allotment I spot so many of these little things (some scarily not so little!) that crawl, fly, creep about me that it's quite an eye opener to quite how much I don't know. Something else my allotment has given me... a desire to learn more about these creatures, if only to learn which ones are friendly! There is a lovely blog I follow called  wildlife on our allotment They have some great photos and it's a really useful site too:)


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