Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Magical musical moments...

My sister lives on one of those rare streets where neighbours actually know each other by name and also seem to genuinely like each other too:) They have street parties where the road gets blocked off and the children can come out to play safely without the worry of traffic. Cakes are baked, photos taken, outdoor games and toys are scattered (much to small boys delight) and the musicians of the road play through the smoke machines of the BBQ's. The band that was playing kindly allowed my Chris to play with them even though we were interlopers on the street;) It's not a widely known thing that Chris is a great guitar player (yes I'm biased, but he really is..) he just doesn't get the chance to play and his children have never seen him play properly, plugged in and loud! It was actually quite a special moment watching them watch their dad for the first time. I am a  hormonally driven girl at the best of times (it's an age thing) but it was enough to make anyone was the scene from that film where you know you are being emotionally manipulated but you just can't help yourself;)  

I am in awe of musicians generally, I haven't got a musical bone in my body...I can play a passable rendition of London's Burning on the recorder if pressed (who on earth is going to demand I do that!) but that's about it. I do however know good music when I hear it, music that makes you completely forget what's around you and just stop dead. A man with a violin began to set up quietly as we were still hugging Chris and generally behaving like he was some sort of rock god...ha! Usually when I see a violin my heart sinks, I have memories of my middle son learning to play it at school (why do they torture us parents!)  his rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is still scratched painfully into my subconscious...sorry darling but it was awful, think you're old enough now to face the truth:)   This violin music was so removed from that it might as well have come from another planet. His name is Matt Howden and if you ever get the chance to see him play please, please do he is completely mesmerising. There is something amazing about having a talent that allows you to express yourself so honestly and so beautifully and I felt (embarrassingly enough) compelled to thank him afterwards for being so...well... great.

A little street party with drizzling rain and an hysterical broken tug of war rope (there are few funnier sights than lots of people falling over at the same time!) and music to make you cry... turned out to be a very special Sunday, just a shame I was too busy enjoying the moment to take any decent photos!...sorry.

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