Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A Spring green Monday...

What's not to love about a 3 day weekend? On our bonus day we ended up walking somewhere I used to walk a lot when my big boys were small, I thought I knew it quite well, but we turned off the main path and I realised that I didn't know it at all. We had always followed the main path all those years ago and I would have to not look whilst the boys clambered over the rocks in the river with their dad, they would be having a great time...I would be having the minor heart palpitations of an hysterical mother!

Anyway, off the main path yesterday, it was all beautifully new to me which was lovely to rediscover with Chris and Small boy, Chris had never been there himself and the sun was shining which made it all the better...and warmer! I would always recommend going off the main path wherever you are...unless on a cliff edge of course:)...you might just find something you never knew was there.

Small boy discovered the ruins of a giant's castle whilst we were walking. Oh to have the imagination of a 4 year old...that can make a pile of old stones seem so magical! There's Chris and I trying to think what they were once part of in a very grown up (boring) way, Small boy just saw a really exciting climbing frame (the heart palpitations were back in a second...)

 I was really happy to see the same bonkers cafe at the end of our walk where a chip butty and a barking dog are compulsory. You can buy your tea by the pint...honestly...borrow a dog or 3 (make sure they can bark) forget the diet and find the Grindleford station café. It's not fine dining but when you've climbed a few hills who needs salad? It's not a very well kept secret either, so when the sun is shining be prepared to join that great British queue:)

The blue sky made the fresh springtime green even more vivid if that was possible...it has to truly be one of natures happiest colours...I thought I was an Autumn season lover but I'm starting to really appreciate the colours of Spring now...perhaps it's an age thing;) 

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