Sunday, 22 February 2015

Fruity bargains...and more snow

I love Aldi...sorry but I do. Not only do they have great chocolate  but at the moment they also have fruit trees for sale for less than 4 quid! I've just spent 4 times that on my apple trees. I know my apple trees have come from a really good supplier, I know exactly what root stock they are on and that they hadn't been out of the ground too long before they got to me, so I'm pretty confident that they are healthy plants that will do ok as long as I don't mess up too badly.
  I have no idea where the plum and cherry tree I've just bought from Aldi have come from or how long they've been out of the ground, I don't know what root stock they are on so how big they potentially could get but they were 4 pounds! 4 whole pounds, I'm a sucker for a bargain, its worth the risk surely and I can always prune them to size can't I? I took them straight to the allotment and dug their holes and shovelled muck just as it started to...snow...again! Small boy begged to go back to the car, suddenly digging in mud wasn't quite so much fun, so I had to plant and run.

The Morello cherry looks quite healthy, it has green buds already and plenty of roots, the plum I'm not quite so hopeful about but it was only 4 pounds...did I mention that?

So my little allotment orchard is growing...just need the weather to be a bit kinder so I can get the rest of the plot sorted for spring...and perhaps not have small boy with me worrying about every worm I dig up:)

With a little bit of help from the worm finder...

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