Thursday, 19 February 2015

For the love of the apple...

Ha what else would you do on Valentine's day but shovel s#@t? It was all for the love of the apple though so well worth it.

I've been desperate to get these poor little trees in. They arrived in a snowstorm, I was so impressed they got to me at all (thanks Ashridge trees!) I'd just got the message that I had a snow day from work thankfully cos the buses had given up and I really didn't fancy the long walk to work but I had no chance of getting them planted even though for once I had the time.

The snow didn't move from the allotment for nearly 2 weeks so they are well an truly over due, I'm praying that they will do ok considering how long they've had to wait, I kept the roots covered and damp so my fingers are crossed.

Beautiful...but no chance!

My soil is heavy clay, I did the boot check...definitely clay...very heavy wet clay, hence the manure. I'm hoping they will thank me for it and grow into photographically productive trees.

I wanted originally to train them into step over trees but I'm thinking perhaps 2 tiers might be better. Well that decision was made for me when I saw how tall they were even as one year old maidens and couldn't bring myself to chop them down so much. I'm discovering that I am a very na├»ve and sentimental gardener. I even found myself gently moving a slug from my celeriac to somewhere it could do less damage ( my celeriac hasn't really worked, all leaves and no root, must do better this year!) thinking that come spring and I have more young plants to lose the slugs are more likely to become hen food, so feast now mollusks your days are numbered;)

I've planted a Coxs Orange Pippin and James Grieve because after my homework about step over trees they seemed to tick all the right boxes as well as sound very tasty, here's hoping!

What could possibly be more romantic on Valentines day?

Should have worn my wellies!

Hope you had a happy Valentines!!x

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