Monday, 2 November 2015

My 'to do' list promises. ..

Ok possibly a dangerous thing to do but I'm taking a leaf from my dad's book and embracing the 'to do' list...actually my dad could make anything into a list or an IOU...wasn't so much about what he needed to remember more an affliction he suffered from...I still have the IOU he gave me when I was about 9 as a birthday present, a written IOU promise to open me a bank account...oh I so wish he'd done that...

Anyway I'm getting distracted, this is my list of things I want/need to do differently in my allotment this coming year in no particular order or relevance...

1. Sow seeds of things I actually want to grow...not just because they came free with a magazine (I have a terrible problem with waste...I just have to use them...or find a seed swapping thing...or even start one myself perhaps..)

2. Don't buy any gardening magazines...they are full of good advice and pretty pictures but also seeds I don't want or need but have a compulsion to sow anyway. I really didn't want 30+ turnips...the slugs were happy with them though...

3. Attempt to grow quinoa...I have no idea if it will work but I'm on a healthy eating thing..quinoa is expensive to buy so if I can grow it surely it's a good idea...hmm...I'm buying the seed online from the Real Seed Catalogue, they seem very positive that its not only possible to grow in this country but get a decent crop as's my 2016 experiment...besides it must be easier than trying to grow avocados!

4. Not get too upset by neighbours perfect plot...they seem to have much more time and there's usually 2 of them doing the work...2 grown ups, not my usual set, a small boy and a daft dog and half an hour before small boy or daft dog or both do something to make me scream.....give myself a break!

5. Move my poor clematis from my tiny garden at home to the allotment fence to give it the freedom it needs...also hoping that it's a monster worthy opponent of the bindweed...I suspect it might be...I've been trying to contain it for years because it's just too big and the fence that was there for it to scramble up has gone...It just will not give in, within a day of me pruning it, it's back flexing its leafy muscles and just laughing at my attempts to tame it. Bindweed watch your back!

6. Deal with the slugs and snails that seem to love my little plot of land...I'm going to experiment with 'Slug Gone''s made from sheeps wool...I have no idea why sheep wool should be so abhorrent to a slug but it's worth a try...I'd really love a beetroot next year that hasn't been sculptured into some mollusc work of art.

7. Make an insect habitat, though my plot seems to be heaving in things that crawl, slither an fly that must already be living somewhere but it seems the right thing to do and they can look great. Saw this one in the garden of Eyam hall, I'd be happy with a slightly smaller one, this is a grand hall version..mine will be more of an end terrace kind of thing...

8. Get the hang of lighting my Ghille kettle an use the thing!

9. Try to grow sweetcorn (again)...the slugs got my seedlings this year (and last) year see note 6!

10. Label all seeds sown properly...I have some plants that I've grown from seed this year but because the label wore off I have no idea what they are....They are pretty none descrip green leafy plants at the moment, they could be edible or some sort of perennial flower....I am playing a waiting game with them until they give me a clue...or the slugs get them...

I have lots of other things that I should/could add but I don't want to end up with an IOU to myself to fulfil my 'to do' list!...My dad would be proud:)

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