Saturday, 1 August 2015

And this is what little boys are made of?..

Ah the holidays...I practically ran at my 6 weeks off, I've never had so much time off work (we won't go into why I do now...lets just say I'm enjoying the time if not so much the finances.) My small boy started school in January and he's never had such a long holiday either having been a nursery boy since he was 10 months old. The holidays are confusing him, he keeps asking if it's school tomorrow, it interrupts his constant stream of 'why' questions and the count down to his birthday (we are finally on the fingers of one hand!) 

School worries him, it hasn't been the easiest start for him, in my humble opinion because he is far too young and even though we were able to hold him back for a few months the pressure to get him into school was ridiculous. We will get there but until I know he is completely ready the homework (homework!!) sheets will continue to be thrown in the bin, and I will let him play.

He is an exhausting bundle of energy, one minute completely joyous in his infectious love of life... the next an angry, fury driven creature bent on distruction that I can hardly recognise. Always loud or louder...he isn't a surprise to me being my third boy but it always amazes me quite how emotionally driven boys are, how did they cope in the days when they were told that little boys shouldn't cry? I know that he is going through a hormonally driven phase and it will pass and I will survive it with my sanity just about intact, but there have been some moments during this holiday so far when I have (almost) wished I'd been at work...confessions of a terrible mother!

He tore up a favorite book in a fit of fury and hid it under his bed...he helped a little girl in the park because she couldn't reach the sides of a rope bridge...he pulled the dogs hair and squeezed him too hard...he told me he loved me so much...he nipped me as hard as he could and told me he hated me...he gave his last piece of chocolate to his brother (who kindly gave it back!) He slammed the door so hard the room shook during a random temper tantrum...A boy of contradictions. 
The other night he fell asleep with his bear over his face and his gentle, childish snoring reminded me what it is to love...completely. 

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