Wednesday, 15 April 2015

To the plot and back...

I have a shed, at last my own shed! (small but perfect for me) I know for most people a shed isn't the start of a promising story but for me it's the start of being able to walk more often to the allotment. When I walk, I think and (some of, thankfully not all) my thoughts end up being written in some form or other.  

So for me, my little shed is the start of a story as well as being the place where my bulky, awkward gardening tools can live, no more fighting to get the hoe in the car...I can leave the car at home. I can walk, think and write all the way to the plot an back:)

My walk to the allotment is stupidly beautiful, the lovely weather we've been having recently has helped too, somehow the sun just makes everything seem better. The walk has it all... woods, a country lane (I guess not strictly a 'country' lane) an ancient abbey, golf courses (they are better to look at than the average football field...if you're not actually into sport that is!) with a view of moorland in the distance, more woods, wildlife ponds which are bubbling with frog and toad spawn at the moment I noticed...slugs take note:) There is also a field of deer, a stag escaped from there today apparently,  my walk has the potential for wildlife drama too! Rutting season is over isn't it? don't really want to come between a rutting stag and his harem:) 

The supermarkets, car garages and the busy roads in between are just there to remind me that I do actually live in a city, but if I walk really fast through those bits I can get back to my country day dreaming. Daft dog is pretty happy too:)  

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